1TimeShop's Community-Building Approach: Connect, Share, and Belong


1TimeShop's Community-Building Approach: Connect, Share, and Belong

Nigerian entrepreneur Mr. J. Jeffry Obaro, the visionary behind 1TimeShop, has announced his company's unwavering commitment to simplifying access to goods and services for Nigerians.

Addressing a gathering in Lagos, this serial entrepreneur lamented the dearth of trustworthy platforms and the inconvenience that Nigerians face when attempting to shop from the comfort of their homes.

"In today's fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency have taken center stage in our daily lives. At 1TimeShop, we aspire to alleviate these challenges and revolutionize the way people access goods and services," he declared.


Launched in 2021, this platform caters to busy individuals and families who prioritize convenience, efficiency, and reliability. 1TimeShop offers a diverse array of products and services, ranging from food delivery to grocery shopping, transportation, logistics, and more.

When discussing the platform's commitment to combating unemployment in Nigeria, he emphasized, "We also concentrate on training and creating unique income-generating opportunities for drivers who can operate on their schedules by joining our dependable and efficient fleet. As for vendors, we showcase their products and services, helping them tap into a broader customer base and boost their sales."

Jeffry Obaro went on to disclose that the platform's vision is to establish itself as a trusted solution for on-demand delivery, logistics, and taxi services not only in Asaba but also beyond. By expanding its user base and vendor network, the company aims to elevate the overall customer experience and cement its position as a premier app in the market.

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