BREAKING NEWS!!! Club House Finally Sets Up “BLACKLIST” For Fraudsters And Miscreants…

Finally the fight against fraudsters and miscreants who leverage on the social platform to commit all *forms of crime* might be coming to an end soonest as a “BLACKLIST” online trends has just been activated to address this long pending inappropriate behaviours of some moderators or club members on its platform who fraudulently channel funds for their personal use and act in the manner that kicks against the rules guiding the community.

Clubs rooms and individuals have over time called out some of these behaviors that tends to dent the image of a certain group of people or country.

Measures have henceforth *been* made open to members and club rooms who deliberately open rooms to extort people of their hard earned money to be flagged on most social media sites and blogs, arrested, accounts taken down or even charged to court by the victim, if found *guilty* of such acts.

The “BLACK LIST” initiatives is to help build a healthy environment and a fraud free community where the club house will be seen as a platform to connect, meet friends and have great personal relationships with individuals of like minds.

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